About Us

Fair Play Pty Ltd has been providing sports solutions to elite sporting teams, officials and analysts since 1994.

Fair Play's founder and Managing Director, Dr Richard Hunter, brings over 45 years experience in the information technology industry to the company. Supported by a team of highly qualified and accredited personnel in information technology, mathematics, and coaching, we strive to develop reliable and flexible solutions combined with an ease-of-use which allows them to fit naturally into the toolkit of elite coaching teams.

In our 30 years of operation, Fair Play has built extensive expertise in the implementation of coaching systems, and we take pride in ensuring that our clients receive the highest level of satisfaction with their systems. We devote considerable effort to our research and development program, which enables you to receive the benefits of the latest developments in sports coaching, not just in your own sports, but from the other sports for which we develop systems or undertake research.

Fair Play is proud to be recognized as a leader in the provision of sports analysis systems at the elite level.